"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Karl


Karl has been passionate about health and wellness from an early age. An engineer by training, he built medical devices for operating rooms and apps for pharmaceutical companies, learning first-hand how much time and money was spent treating patients after they became ill, and how precious little was spent on prevention. 


After a plant based diet helped him completely recover from a chronic knee injury, he learned that many of the most widespread and debilitating health conditions were also amenable to this simple lifestyle change, and began to share his discovery with anyone who would listen, including family and friends in need.


A born teacher and fearless in the kitchen, Karl now lights up rooms large and small with his passion for the power of plant-based eating. His company, FOY Eating is devoted to spreading far and wide this vital information, this gem hidden in plain sight, the secret to vibrant, sustained health.



Recipes & Tips 


Check out some more of my favorite recipes! 

-Farro Salad

-Lentil Bolognese

 -Kale-Lentil-Quinoa Soup


        and More!